Friends of the Madrid Ballpark is working on the following restoration efforts:


WPA Walls

During the WPA, the Madrid Ballpark was selected to receive extensive stonework, which still stands today. The Italian Mason from Cerrillos were hired to teach the men of the Santa Domingo Pueblo masonry skills. The rock came from Lamy and Pecos. In today's dollar, the cost of the stonework would be over $2.5 million dollars.  The WPA stone work makes the Madrid Ballpark a truly historic and unique ball field with no others of its kind.   Today the WPA walls are in a state of decline. They require re-capping and re-pointing. Some have been damaged by wild Chinese Elm trees other by water erosion and simple neglect. The Friends of the Madrid Ballpark are working with the County of Santa Fe, and State of New Mexico to fund the repair of these historic walls. A portion of the walls are on County owned property and a portion is owned by the Madrid Landowners Association. The Madrid Landowners Association does not have the funds to deal with the repair of these historic walls, due mainly to the low annual MLA dues of $20 per year. Fund raising efforts will go to repair walls owned by the MLA. The WPA walls are in the most need of assistance and unfortunately the most expensive to cover.


Outfield Fence

Thanks to donations from local individuals and fund raising efforts, the outfield fence project is nearing completion. An eight foot chain link fence has been installed and completed as of May 25th, 2015.



Currently both the infield and outfield are composed of coal dust, dirt and weeds. The Friends of the Madrid Ballpark is looking to mitigate the dirt field and replace both outfield and infield with low water usage alternatives. These alternative may include clay, base course and grass. We are currently seeking grant funding to deal with both the infield and outfield.


Warning Track

The field has long needed a warning track to further define the field as a proper baseball field. Fund raising efforts will go toward the installation of a warning track in the future.


On-going Maintenance

In order to maintain the ballpark, regular maintenance of the field, grandstands and surrounding park area needs constant attention. Friends of the Madrid Ballpark is working to secure funding to ensure this historic space is tended to on a regular basis.